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  • Genes, environment and microbes...

  • Their complex dance drives life, evolution and survival...

Welcome to HolistX

Holistx has been born from the desire to understand and use the complex symphony of interactions between genes, environment and microbes to improve the human condition, in both health and disease.

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  • Microbes in the News

    Bugs are both naughty and nice! Please read our blogs to help understand how our tiny chums can affect the delicate ecosystems between health and disease in all living things.

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  • Hard Core Science

    A blog for science aficionados to keep up with the latest technical developments in DNA and RNA science, molecular biology in general, biomarkers and microbiomics.

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  • Gut microbiome

    The microbes that live in your gut play many and varied roles in health and fitness, and more is being learnt all the time. We cover some of the latest discoveries in this blog.

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