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  • The role between PTSD and your gut microbes 31st October 2017, Kate Donkin

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that is developed after exposure to serious trauma. The symptoms of […]

    What does your armpit say about your health? 25th October 2017, Kate Donkin

    How your armpit smells and what you do about it surprisingly says a lot about our health. Your micro biome […]

    The benefits of breast feeding 18th October 2017, Kate Donkin

    Its amazing how quickly babies grow in their first few months of life, and this growth is stimulated by the […]

    Are diet regimes a “one size fits all”? 16th October 2017, Kate Donkin

    There are so many diet plans out there suggesting different regimes to help you lose or gain weight, but which […]

    Breast microbiome may be a cause of cancer 12th October 2017, Kate Donkin

    Unfortunately, breast cancer affects hundreds of thousands of women in the UK and although there are many risk factors associated […]

    Microbes, DNA and genome glossary of terms 9th October 2017, Kate Donkin

    16S The ribosome has two parts, which are called subunits. The RNA that makes up the small subunit (in bacteria) […]

    Bugs Mimic Human Signals 4th October 2017, Kate Donkin

    In recent years it’s become clear that the microbes that can live in our guts may have many profound effects […]