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  • Microbes, DNA and genome glossary of terms 9th October 2017, Kate Donkin

    16S The ribosome has two parts, which are called subunits. The RNA that makes up the small subunit (in bacteria) […]

    Bugs Mimic Human Signals 4th October 2017, Kate Donkin

    In recent years it’s become clear that the microbes that can live in our guts may have many profound effects […]

    Yggdrasil and the tree of life’s new branches 22nd May 2017, Alex Knight

    In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil was the great world tree, central to the cosmos and connected to the Nine Worlds, which […]

    Microbiomics & Eczema 19th May 2017, Alex Knight

    The microbiome is defined as the population of bacteria and other microorganisms living in a particular environment – be it […]