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Is your gym free from harmful bacteria and germs?

As we all know, many public places we often visit, such as food courts and public bathrooms, are laden with potentially dangerous bacteria which may cause illnesses. New research suggests that the gym is also a place saturated with germs.

Considering the number of people who use the gym on a daily basis, this may not come as a surprise to you. However, how much bacteria found on commonly used gym equipment and the illnesses it can cause may come as a shock to you.

Fitrated [1] collected samples from 27 pieces of equipment across 3 different gyms. They found that commonly used gym equipment such as free weights, exercise bikes and treadmills were saturated with potentially harmful bacteria.

The most common bacteria found across all equipment was “gram-positive cocci” which is the most common cause of skin infections and diseases such as pneumonia and septicemia. Bacillus was also a common bacteria found which is a common cause of ear, eye and respiratory infections.

The amount of germs found was particularly alarming as free weights showed 362 times more germs that a toilet seat and an exercise bike showed 39 times more bacteria than a cafeteria tray.

Despite wiping down gym equipment after a work out, 63% of machines still carried rhinovirus which can cause the common cold.

Gym goers are advised to wash their hands thoroughly before and after a workout, to avoid touching their face while at the gym and to change out of gym clothes after a workout.

[1] http://www.fitrated.com/resources/examining-gym-cleanliness/