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Woundcare – the Diabetic Foot Ulcer

The Challenge

Chronic wounds present a major problem for patients, clinicians and healthcare systems.

  • Patients suffer a dramatically impaired quality of life (pain, social isolation, complications); and wounds that do not heal can lead to amputations. The NHS is typically treating more than 2 million wounds at any one time; there are 61,400 patients with diabetic foot ulcers.
  • Clinicians have very limited information on which to base treatment decisions; they are often forced to select treatments on a “trial and error” basis. This delays healing and increases costs, and makes it difficult to rigorously test new interventions.
  • In the UK, treating wounds costs approximately 3% of the NHS budget; diabetic foot ulcers alone cost £650M a year to treat, at £4,750 per patient. These costs are likely to continue to increase with the ageing of the population and the increase in diseases related to lifestyle and obesity.

The Solution

To improve wound care, clinicians need better information to guide treatment decisions and to monitor the progress of healing:

  • Identifying the most vulnerable patients with genetic tests;
  • Identifying the specific microbes present in a wound, and any antibiotic resistance genes that may be present;
  • Monitoring wound environment with biomarkers to determine wound status and stratification.

Products in development

Our pathfinder products will be:

  • A first-in-class genetic test to predict a patient’s wound healing prognosis (in collaboration with Geneblitz, the molecular services and research brand of Complement Genomics Ltd)
  • A metagenomics based microbiome profiling service for the diabetic foot ulcer

Our collaborations – Prevention Hair Loss UK Ltd

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Our Research

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