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Lifestyle Microbiome Testing

Our exciting range of personal microbiome test kits is coming soon! Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get the latest news on our product launch dates.

  • Explore the bugs in and on your body !  Why not start with an entry level (well exit level…) one off purchase where you can explore the bugs in your poo? Our one-off stool test costs just £125. This is what professionals call a personal microbiome test…
  • Subscribe for a stool analysis test kit to be sent every month (minimum 3 months) and save 10% on the entry level price.
  • Two point microbiome test. Explore how your gut microbiome changes over time, say as a result of exercise or diet change.
  • We can test other body site tests such as the mouth, armpits, genitals, skin and scalp.  Our 6 site stool test is only £570 and can reveal unique insights into your little passengers
  • Join our research programme to help diabetes patients – click here.

If you are having difficulty, we can accept payments by phone, please call us.